Now available in New Zealand from Smart Office Tech, Kiwis are loving their portable dual monitor setup. Here’s what our customers have been telling us:

  • “It's a godsend to have the xebec that I can just pop in my laptop bag and attach to my laptop whenever and wherever I'm working”
  • “… fancy-looking packaging and lightweight design, it’s very easy to assemble and saves a lot of desk space.”
  • “I've been using it full time as I've recently relocated and don't have a permanent office set up and absolutely love it”
  • “Before I received my Xebec monitors, working from my laptop was a real chore and probably only 60% as effective as sitting at my desk. Now, I feel I'm closer to 90% as effective and I can set it up wherever/whenever I want.”
  • “I use it at work ALL THE TIME!”
  • “The Xebec Tri Screen system is one of the best work experience improvement tools I have ever seen and at a price that delivers fantastic value for money.”

After making its mark overseas, we just knew Xebec was going to be a winner here in New Zealand as well.

Take a look at the latest review of the Xebec Tri-Screen from New Zealand's own, theBit.


Read more infernational reviews below.

dual monitor setup

“The Amazing Portability Monitor You Didn’t Know You Needed”

The Wall Street Journal has named portable monitors as “the amazing productivity gadget you didn’t know you needed.” They go on to credit these portable extra screens for laptops with being directly responsible for boosting workers productivity. (You can see the full article here.) Various reports we’ve seen online state dual or tri-screen monitors boost productivity by anywhere between 35.5% and 56% - obviously down to how good you are at multi-tasking!


dual laptop screens 

“Xebec Offers a Solution with its Tri-Screen 2 Portable Workstation”

The Mac Observer writes, “Lots of people add an additional display to their laptop, but such a setup doesn’t tend to be portable. Xebec offers a solution with its Tri-Screen 2 portable workstation. It allows users to quickly attach two thin 6.5mm monitors to their device, with a kickstand helping to balance the whole thing.”


screens for laptop 

“A Worthy Addition to Your Gearbag”

Gear Diary credited the Xebec Tri-Screen 2 as “a worthy addition to your gear bag”, adding “the Xebec Tri-Screen 2 is compact, simple, and it works well.” The Gear Diary review continues, adding “The Xebec Tri-Screen 2 is remarkably simple to set up. I was bracing myself for a complicated process but found it to be speedy. The company says you can run setup in under 15 seconds, and while I didn’t time it, that seems probable. All you do is slide the expandable frame around your laptop screen, slide one or both of the Xebec screens out, and plug everything in via USB-C ... with the two extra screens sliding into the frame it makes it super easy to drop it into a bag and have it on hand without taking up a ton of space.”


screens for laptop

“A Must Have for Remote Workers”

Online site Spy opened their review with “Xebec’s Tri-Screen 2 Monitor Attachment is a must-have for remote workers.” Their reviewer continued with, “The Tri-Screen 2 worked seamlessly with my Windows laptop, providing me with two incredibly vivid displays to work with; I typically put email up on one monitor and then whatever I needed on the other screen, allowing me plenty of space to accomplish my tasks. The screens are just big enough to provide you with some much-needed extra real estate without being too cumbersome or annoying.”


Xebec tri screen

“The genius work from home gadget you NEED to know about”

The Daily Mail reported the Xebec Tri-Screen is, “the genius work from home gadget you NEED to know about.”

 The Dail Mail reported at the time of writing, that the Xebec Tri-Screen 2 had received more than 300 positive reviews including a TikToc clip that has been viewed by more than 19.5 million times. Comments on the TickToc video include, “WHAT! This would be a GAME CHANGER as a video editor” and “This is better than two external monitors because you could work anywhere with three monitors.”

To get your hands on your very own Xebec Tr-Screen, just head to our online shop. Shipping is quick and easy with supply on hand right here in New Zealand. Get yours today.