About Us

Smart Office Tech is a division of Smart Office Furniture, a Wellington based, locally owned and operated company that has been selling office furniture and equipment since 1996.

At SmartOffice Tech, we’ve gathered together a collection of products that allow today’s digital nomads to have all the tools they need to work remotely or ‘on the fly’. Break away from your office, work where it suits you, but don’t let your environment limit your productivity.

The Xebec was developed out of the need to have the same multiscreen versatility that we’ve all become accustomed to with our desktops but with the portability of a laptop. The Xebec multi-screen was developed by two American design engineers from Texas who frequently travelled with their work. Experiencing the difficulty in having to transition from a multi-screen set-up in the office to a single screen on the road where they were constantly toggling between applications, an opportunity presented itself. Every great product is born from the need to create a solution to a problem. The mantra of every great entrepreneur is ‘find a need and fill it’. With this in mind, Alex Levine and Trevor Russo created the Xebec Tri-screen.