"Input Not Supported" Message Is Showing On My Screen for Mac

If you have a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro and you are getting a message on one of the screens that says "Input Not Support" have no fear, this is an easy fix! 

  1. Plug your USB-A to USB-C cable and HDMI cable into both your laptop and Tri-Screen until you see this error message again.
  2. Open up your display settings. (System Preferences > Display)
  3. Click the "Gather Windows" button in the bottom right hand corner of your display settings window.
  4. Click on the window that pops up right behind your primary window and open it up (shown below).
  1. Click on the "Scaled" radio button.
  2. Change the selection in the dropdown to 1080i or 720P (click confirm).


Now you are all set!