Will The Tri-Screen Work With My Microsoft Surface Pro?

The Tri-Screen is compatible with the Microsoft Surface Pro (versions 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, X). However, adjustments will be needed:

  • Versions 3-4 require a Microsoft Surface Dock and 2 x Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapters to function properly.
  • Versions 5-8 can take advantage of the Microsoft Surface Dock 2 which allows for just one cable per screen (provided with the Tri-Screen).
  • Version X will use provided 2 USB-C  cables to provide video + power for reach screen. You will likely want to use the charger connected to your Surface in order for the Tri-Screen to fit properly.

Please note that the Tri-Screen does cover up the Surface's built-in kickstand, requiring use of the fixed angle kickstand that comes with the Tri-Screen.

All in all, while the Tri-Screen is compatible with the Surface Pro, we find it is best enjoyed on a traditional style laptop vs. tablets.